Graphical images of simulation trajectories

Saving  Viewing  Printing


It is possible to save both or any one of, the numerical values for the trajectory steps (second option in the image above), or the plot of the electron trajectories displayed in the graphic window.

Displaying the Preferences menu

To do so the Preferences menu dealing with saving simulation plots needs to be selected, as shown in the left image. Selecting the Preferences menu item will display the Preferences dialog, as shown later on.
Preferences settings are global: they are stored in the mc-set.INI file, and are valid for all simulations.

In the image on the right the blue areas mark the parameters that deal with the creation of the simulation graphics.
The two arrows mark the check boxes for selecting the storage of graphical output:

  • data file: stores the coordinates of all electron trajectories in the plot, along with the energies of each electron at each step
  • graphics: stores the graphical image of all plot trajectories, at the end of the simulation run. This will create a graphical image file of type BMP.
Graphics setting in the Preferences menu


To view a series of images, possibly those obtained running a simulation with changes in one variable (scan variable), the following steps need to be carried out:

The effect of browsing through the images will be similar to running the following animation.

The images show the two options for opening a file, for all types of files in the system, including the graphical images.

Using the toolbar button to open a file
Using the menu to open a file
Using the menu to open a file

For opening a graphical image, select the corresponding file type in the Open File dialog, as shown in the next image. The yellow boxes in the image indicate the selections that need to be made in this dialog, apart from the required file name.

It can be seen in this File Open dialog that a series of images are available for display in the selected directory. When running multiple simulations using the scan variable option, output files produced are numbered sequentially.

Opening of a graphic simulation results file

The selected file will be displayed on a window of its own, as in the following image. For viewing images it is probably better to maximise this view.

When a graphical image window is active the buttons on the right hand side of the tool bar will be activated. The meaning of each of them is shown in the next image.

Use of the Zoom controls is particularly important when printing the image.

Toolbar buttons that operate on images


Graphical images can be printed from within MC-SET. The following image shows the standard Windows options associated with printing.

Before actually printing it is recommended to use the Print Preview option to see the expected output. The size of the printed image wi

Printing menu options