R&D projects using mc-set

Example projects - future developments
Consultancy work


The one thing about a dynamic simulation system, it always changes! mc-set makes it easy to add aditional modules, using a modern programming language (C++), with extensive documentation in the code itself. For this reason, it is easy to undertake further custom development, as well as to have work being done by different developers.

The system can be used for education or research purposes. In education, students can contribute developing particular aspects of the system and through this development learn about the physics and mathematics in use. This work can be done at both undergraduateand post graduate levels as wells as industrial research work.

Time frame for such a project is from 3 months to 1 year or more of duration. The amount of work can be tailored to specific projects, final year for undergraduates or research projects for more advanced students.

In all cases, the project will include theoretical background studies, literature review, running the simulations and working with the simulation results.

Example projects - future system developments

Two types of jointly run projects can be undertaken:

Examples of projects suitable for student participation/future development:

Consultancy work

This includes running simulations using mc-set according to projects that are totally user related, usually for research or industry.

For further information, to discuss the above projects, or to suggest a future project, please use the contact form.